Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Exhibition and App Design

Inside Rolls-Royce, the first ever public exhibition in the marque’s history opened its doors in October 2014. A multi-sensory, interactive experience at the Saatchi Gallery giving Rolls-Royce admirers the opportunity to engage with the ultimate luxury British brand.

Rolls-Royce’s first ever above-the-line campaign and public exhibition needed to go beyond simply showing the latest car range, it needed to be engaging and interactive, maximising reach and sharability, opening up the brand to a whole new audience.

A look inside Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Everything about a Rolls-Royce is designed to be the perfect expression of each individual customer’s taste, personality and lifestyle. This was a chance for the brand to show visitors the remarkable lengths it takes to create the pinnacle of super-luxury motoring; a truly bespoke automobile.

Project Deliverables

– Brand Workshops
– Research
– Digital Brand Guidelines
– User Experience

– Icon Design
– Animation Treatments
– Website Design
– App and Mobile Design